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HumanaOne Illinois Dental Plan insurance

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HumanaOne members are eligible for additional discounts included at no additional cost. HumanaOne medical plan members can take advantage of discounts up to 50 percent on a variety of alternative health care and wellness products and services offered by independent vendors. Simply show your ID card to receive your discount.

Discounts are available on:

  • Vitamins
  • Massage Therapy
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Discounts on monthly membership fees at a variety of health club facilities
  • prescription items not covered by your pharmacy benefit
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • $10 off a 3-month subscription to Weight Watchers online ($65 without discount), making it less than $5 per week

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy Discounts – Save up to 30%*

HumanaOne members receive discounts up to 30% on chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy services by using any of the more than 25,000 American WholeHealth Nework providers.

Over-the counter and prescription medication – Save up to 25%*

  • Discounts and e-savings on name-brand over-the-counter medications
  • 13% off the average wholesale price on prescription items not covered by your pharmacy benefit
  • Discounts include medications for heartburn, allergies, headache/pain, cholesterol, cough/cold, and many other conditions

Vision Discounts

HumanaOne plan members save up to 35% on frames, lenses, prescription sunglasses and accessories through the EyeMed Vision Care Network, which includes private practitioners and most locations of the following:

  • LensCrafters
  • Pearle Vision
  • Sears Optical
  • Target Optical
  • JC Penny Optical

In addition, HumanaOne members get discounts on LASIK vision correction surgery and PRK procesures through the U.S. Laser Network.

Potential Annual Savings

You could save more than $400 in a single year through HumanaOne discounts:

Retail cost HumanaOne discount Total savings
$250 eyeglasses $137.50 $112.50
$90 eye exam $72.00 $18.00
$165 for prescriptions;
$100 for over-the-counter medication; total = $265
$230.55 $34.45
Massage therapy at $70 per session, times 6 per year = $420 $294.00 $126.00
Health Membership at $50 per month, times 12 months = $600 $480.00 $120.00
Total Annual Savings $410.95    

*All discounts and participating retailers are subject to change. For the most updated discounts and list of participating retailers, visit the website.