Illinois – Individual Insurance Plans

Individual Health Insurance Plans

When buying individual insurance, the policy is written solely for that person, based on his/her personal medical conditions. If there is a pre-existing condition, it can make buying individual insurance difficult. Whether a person is accepted for insurance is very unpredictable at times. It may help to know that a person may be accepted for comprehensive insurance, excluding the pre-existing condition. Learn more Frequently Asked QuestionsGet a Quote

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans, also known as Medigap Plans, are designed to help cover some of the medical costs that are not covered by Medicare, and are available to anyone enrolled in part A and B of Medicare. There is an open enrollment period for the first six months after you turn age 65, in which you do not need to medically qualify. Learn more Frequently Asked Questions Get a Quote

Group Health Insurance Plans

Illinois Health Agents offers group health insurance, a single policy covers the medical expenses of many different people, instead of covering just one person. Unlike individual insurance, where each person’s risk potential is evaluated to determine insurability, all eligible people can be covered by a group policy, regardless of age or physical condition. The premium for group insurance is calculated based on the characteristics of the group as a whole, such as average age and degree of occupational hazard. Get a free analysis of how your current group plan compares to the marketplace by filling out the group application.

Short Term Medical Insurance Plans

Short-term health insurance plans are a great solution when you’re between jobs, waiting for group coverage to start, or if you’re a recent college graduate. In Illinois, coverage can be purchased for as few as 30 days or as many as 365 days. Learn moreFrequently Asked QuestionsGet a Quote

Health Savings Accounts

A Health Savings Account is a portable, tax-favored savings account combined with a qualifying high deductible health plan (HDHP) that allows you to fund health care expenses with pre-tax money. Your deposits to a Health Savings Account reduce your taxable income, and withdrawals are never taxed as long as funds are used to pay for qualified medical expenses. Learn moreFrequently Asked QuestionsGet a Quote

Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Individual dental insurance is dental coverage sold directly from insurance providers to clients. If you don’t have dental coverage from an employer, you may find that many companies do not offer individual dental plan insurance. Despite this, however, it is important that you do seek dental coverage of some kind to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. Illinois Health Agents offers the most comprehensive individual dental insurance plans available in Illinois. Learn moreFrequently Asked Questions Get a Quote

Life Insurance Plans

There are various types of life insurance but they all have some common attributes. You pay an insurance company what are called premiums. At your death, the life insurance company pays an amount to the people you named in your policy, called beneficiaries. Also it’s interesting that if you named a beneficiary(ies) they’d receive the insurance amount free of income tax. Learn moreFrequently Asked QuestionsGet a Quote

International Health Insurance Plans

If you are traveling or living abroad, traditional sources of private or government sponsored medical or life insurance will not meet your international needs. Geographical exclusions and provider limitations common to these policies will restrict or even eliminate the international health coverage available to you while you’re outside the US or your home country. Learn moreGet a Quote

Pet Insurance Plans

Essentially similar to people’s health insurance, pet insurance plans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The increased popularity has brought an influx of pet insurance companies to enter the market in recent years, making it difficult for pet owners to choose between the different plans and insurance companies. To distinguish the best pet insurance companies, Illinois Health Agents independently reviewed the top pet insurance companies. Learn moreFrequently Asked QuestionsGet a Quote