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The Assurant plan rates quoted on our online instant quote service are for preferred rates. Approximately 40% of all applications applying with Time qualify for this special class of rates, which are typically 10-20% lower than standard rates.

Preferred rates without riders are available on our instant quote page. The quoted rates are for the $8 million maximum benefit, and do not include optional benefits such as term life, supplemental accident, maternity, and prescriptoin riders. Check to see if you qualify for preferred rates.

If you do not qualify for these rates after reviewing the questions below, please contact our offices for an exact quote for your particular situation.

Preferred Rating Eligibility

If an applicant/enrollee meets any of the following conditions, that applicant is not eligible for a preferred rating:

  • Special Exception Rider
  • Special Class Premium
  • Answers “yes” to any of the following questions:

1. Has the applicant/enrollee(s) used tobacco products at any time during the past 3 years? (If no, go to question 4.)

2. Does the applicant/enrollee(s) smoke 10 or more cigarettes per day?

3. Does the applicant/enrollee(s) smoke more than 1 cigar or pipe per day?

*Note: An applicant/enrollee may be eligible for a Preferred Smoker rating if he or she is able to truthfully answer questions 2 and 3 “no.” Underwriting reserves the right to apply tobacco ratings based upon lab results, phone verification or medical records. Chewing tobacco users will not be eligible for the Preferred Smoker rating.

4. Is the applicant/enrollee(s) currently outside the weight range listed in the build chart below (add the chart from page 2 of the attached brochure at the bottom of the page).

5. Has the applicant/enrollee(s) had blood pressure readings** in excess of 140/90 in the past 12 months?

6. Has the applicant/enrollee(s) had total cholesterol readings** above 220 and/or been treated for elevated cholesterol or triglycerides within the past 12 months?

7. Has the applicant/enrollee(s) had any convictions for DUI or more than 1 moving violation including speeding ticket within the past 2 years?

** Individuals age 40 and over must have readings that meet the following guidelines:



Blood Pressure


past 3 years under 220


50 and older

past 2 years under 220