Mentally-Challenged Man Steals Identity of LifeLock CEO

I know this is very loosely insurance related, but I thought it was too funny to pass up:

Apparently a lot of people have attempted to see if they can steal LifeLock CEO Todd Davis’s social security number. In fact, he wants you to try as you’ve likely seen in the LifeLock ads. Those people have failed–except one. And that person who managed to get a $500 loan with Davis’s number was a mentally-challenged man who inadvertently revealed one startling thing LifeLock overlooked: Some (and I do stress some) loan companies don’t do credit checks before giving people loans. I know that sounds almost impossible, though some loan sharks out there apparently don’t bother based on the notion a social security number is sufficient enough to charge the person high interest fees if the company so chooses. Fortunately, Davis’s wife discovered what happened–and Davis demanded a confession from the man–adding up to no criminal trial as the result. Had it not have been noticed, though, LifeLock ads would be considered a laughing stock…and already are for a few out there.

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