Medicare Supplement Vision Plan

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Medicare Supplement Vision Plan

With a Mutual of Omaha company Medicare supplement insurance policy, members are entitled to valuable vision care savings offered through EyeMed Vision Care. The vision plan is automatically included with the supplemental plan and provides savings that cover eye care and eyewear.

The Importance of Eye Care Routine eye exams not only help correct vision problems; comprehensive eye exams can also reveal the warning signs of more serious undiagnosed health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. As we age, our eyes are also at greater risk for sight-threatening conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Routine comprehensive eye exam can help detect these conditions and many others before the damage is irreversible. With the EyeMed Vision Care plan, preventive eye exams are only $50.

Great Savings

Enjoy unlimited savings with the EyeMed program by simply presenting your Medicare supplement ID card.

The valued-added vision plan offers significant savings including:

  • $50 Eye exams
  • 40% off frames up to $140
  • Discounted fixed pricing on lenses and lens options
  • 30% off other add-ons and services
Provider Convenience

With EyeMed, access to quality eye care and eyewear is convenient. Members have the choice of thousands of providers nationwide including leading optical retailers or private practitioners. Save on the exam and eyewear at one location or choose the provider that’s right for your eye care needs and have the prescription filled at any convenient location.