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Direct Health Insurance Coverage in Illinois

How you buy your health insurance is changing. Whether you are insured, uninsured or underinsured, individual coverage may be purchased through public health insurance exchanges (also referred to as the “marketplace”). This is a government-run marketplace for comparing and buying health insurance plans. The exchange helps you find a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

You don’t have to get CoventryOne coverage through the exchange. The choice is yours. You can still buy coverage directly from but you can only get financial help if you buy coverage through the exchange.

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CoventryOne has direct plans available in your local area.

All health insurance plans available for purchase are based on category. There are four categories available: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These categories help you choose a plan that’s right for you and your budget. These categories also help you understand what portion of the costs you will pay. All plans in all categories have the same “essential health benefits.” The categories do not reflect the quality or amount of care the plans provide.

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Learn about the categories of plans available

Bronze Plans

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These plans have the lowest premium costs without sacrificing quality of coverage.

Silver Plans

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These are balanced plans with lower premiums and average out-of-pocket costs.

Gold Plans

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These plans have higher premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs when you receive care.

Platinum Plans: CoventryOne does not have any available Platinum plans. These plans have the highest premiums, but very low out-of-pocket costs.

Catastrophic Plans: These plans are not available in all areas.  They are only available to people under age 30 and some people with very low incomes. These plans also have lower premiums than a comprehensive Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan. Catastrophic plans are designed to protect you from very high medical costs in the event of a “worst-case scenario.” Please note: Catastrophic plans require you to pay all of your medical costs up to a certain amount, often several thousand dollars.



Health Care Reform Resources

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was created to help Americans who do not have health insurance.

Learn more about the basics, important dates, and other resources to help you make smart health care decisions for you and your family.

Network Providers

Full Network Options
CoventryOne’s full PPO network plans give you access to a variety of local doctors and hospitals. These providers offer discounts for their services. Find a plan with the right network of doctors and hospitals to meet your needs. When you receive services from a nonparticipating provider (a health care provider that’s not part of our network), it’s considered out-of-network. You are responsible for your out-of-network rate. You’re also responsible for the amount of the bill above the out-of-network rate, as well as your copay, deductible and/or coinsurance.

Emergency and Travel Coverage

If you have a medical emergency, get treatment right away. Emergency services will be covered as if you received care from an in-network provider. You have this coverage while you’re traveling or
at home. This includes students who are away at school.

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Search participating providers in your area


  • Mental Health or Substance Abuse Providers: Go to “Find a Doctor,” then under “Select State” choose “Illinois-Northern” then select “MHNet Mental Health Provider Search.”
  • Pediatric Vision Care Providers: Go to “Find a Doctor” then select “Illinois-Northern” as your plan and submit, then click “Pediatric Vision Search.” Select the “Insight” network.
  • Pediatric Dental Providers: Go to “Find a Doctor,” then select “Illinois-Northern” as your plan and submit. Then click “Pediatric Dental Search” and select “Pediatric Dental” for Plan Name. Pediatric dental does not apply to plans purchased on the health care exchange