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Maternity Benefit – included on all ACA plans

Before the ACA, most employer-sponsored health plans included maternity coverage, but the majority of individual market plans did not. While the ACA greatly increased the number of plans covering maternity care – by requiring all individual and small group plans to cover maternity care as an EHB – gaps in maternity coverage still persist. Women covered under grandfathered and transitional health plans, as a dependent on a parent’s employer-sponsored plan, or on self-funded student health plans still may not have maternity coverage.

Maternity coverage is an essential benefit available on all ACA Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois plans except for grandfathered plans such as the BlueEdge HSA plans.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois provides a superior maternity benefit for individuals and families. If you’re an Illinois resident who needs maternity coverage, but you’re not covered under an employer-sponsored plan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is about as good as it gets.

Pregnancy Complications

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois health insurance plans for individuals and families automatically include benefits for complications of pregnancy. This is a standard plan provision. The optional maternity coverage benefit applies only to routine pregnancy expenses.