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With the BCBSIL dental plan, you’ll get dental coverage on day one with no deductible deductible required for check-ups, cleanings and other preventive services. Most important, costs are typically reduced when you receive care from any of our participating network dentists. However, you also have the option to see any dentist not in the network, but your out-of-pocket costs may be higher.

With BlueCare® Dental PPO, you’ll get:
  • One of the highest maximum annual benefit levels available – up to $1,500 per person per year
  • Up to a 20% discount, up to a maximum savings of $1,000 for orthodontic services at participating dentists

For more information on coverage and benefits, view the BlueCare Dental Outline of Coverage BCBSIL Dental Plans

You must enroll in a BCBSIL health plan in order to enroll in the dental plan (you have up to 31 days from the effective date of your policy to enroll). Shop for a plan now.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You don’t have to enroll in a BCBSIL health plan in order to enroll in the dental plan.
  • A person would need a qualifying event to apply outside of open enrollment
  • Everyone on the medical plan is not required to have dental coverage

Monthly Rates


Zip codes 600 – 608BlueCare Dental 1A
Member + Spouse$76.94
Member + Child(ren)$73.29
    Zip codes 609 – 629
Member + Spouse$62.62
Member + Child(ren)$59.65


Zip codes 600 – 608BlueCare Dental 1B
Member + Spouse$57.06
Member + Child(ren)$55.15
Zip codes 609 – 629
Member + Spouse$46.46
Member + Child(ren)$44.89

How to Enroll

To enroll in a BlueCare Dental PPO plan, you must submit a paper application.

Completed applications can be submitted to to help@ilhealthagents.com or faxed to (847) 220-9280.

BCBSIL Dental – Comparison Chart

BlueCare Dental 1ABlueCare Dental 4 Kids 1ABlueCare Dental 1BBlueCare Dental 4 Kids 1B
Benefit SummaryBenefit SummaryBenefit SummaryBenefit Summary
In NetworkOut of NetworkIn NetworkOut of NetworkIn NetworkOut of NetworkIn NetworkOut of Network
Deductible (family x3)$50$50$50$50$75$75$75$75
Annual Maximum$15002N/A$10002N/A
Diagnostic Evaluations100%370%3100%370%390%370%380%360%3
Diagnostic Radiographs100%370%3100%370%390%70%80%60%
Misc. Preventive Services80%50%80%50%70%50%80%60%
Basic Restorative80%50%80%50%70%50%50%30%
Non-Surgical Extractions80%50%80%50%70%50%50%30%
Non-Surgical Periodontal80%50%80%50%70%50%50%30%
Adjunctive Services80%50%80%50%70%50%50%30%
Endodontics (root canal)80%50%80%50%70%50%50%30%
Oral Surgery80%50%80%50%50%30%50%30%
Surgical Periodontal80%50%80%50%50%30%50%30%
Major Restorative50%30%50%30%50%30%50%30%
Misc Restorative & Prosthodontics Services50%30%50%30%50%30%50%30%
Orthodontics (up to age 19)50%30%50%30%50%30%50%30%
Out of Pocket Maximum7$350 for one child / $700 for 2+ children$350 for one child / $700 for 2+ children$350 for one child / $700 for 2+ children$350 for one child / $700 for 2+ children
Region 1Region 2Region 1Region 2Region 1Region 2Region 1Region 2
Primary Applicant$38.475$31.315$34.825$28.345$28.535$23.235$26.625$21.665
Member + Spouse$76.945$62.625N/A5N/A5$57.065$46.465N/A5N/A5
Member + 1 Child$73.295$59.655N/A5N/A5$55.15$44.895N/A5N/A5
  1. This document does not contain a complete listing of the exclusion, limitations and conditions that apply to the benefits shown. For full information refer to the member’s certificate of benefits booklet.
  2. Annual maximum does not apply to members under 19.
  3. Deductible is waived.
  4. Rates are subject to change.
  5. Region 1 rates apply to members residing in the following counties: Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, and McHenry
  6. Region 2 rates apply to all members residing in counties outside Region 1
  7. Out of Pocket Maximum only applies to members under age 19.