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Medicare Supplement Plan G

Plan G

Our Rating:

Plan G covers:

  • Your $1,316 Part A deductible and coinsurance
  • The cost of 365 extra days of hospital care during your lifetime after Medicare coverage ends
  • Your Part B coinsurance and the cost of the first three pints of blood
  • 80% of Part B physician charges that are in excess of the Medicare-approved amount (By law no physician may charge more than 115% of Medicare-approved amounts).
  • Skilled nursing facility copayment
  • Emergency care for foreign travel

Plan G does NOT cover:

  • Your $204 Medicare Part B deductible

Plan G Benefits

Benefit What Plan G Covers
Part A Deductible
You may need this benefit if you have to stay in the hospital. The Part A deductible for 2012 is $1,216. This amount can change every year. You have to pay this deductible for each benefit period.
Plan G covers 100% of the $1,216 deductible.
Part B Deductible
You may want to consider this benefit if you have Medicare Part B. Each year you must pay the Part B deductible (which is $147 in 2012) before Medicare starts to pay its share. If you have this benefit, the Medigap plan would pay this amount each year.
Plan G does NOT cover the $147 Part B deductible, you must pay out of pocket.
Part B Coinsurance
Without this benefit, you generally pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for Medicare Part B covered services and supplies (like doctor services and outpatient hospital care). This benefit will help you to reduce your out of pocket after Part B deductible.
Plan G covers 100% of the 20% remainder costs
365 Extra Days of Hospital Stay
After you use all Medicare hospital benefits, you can receive up to 365 more days for hospital stays during your lifetime.
Plan G covers all of the costs for an additional 365 additional hospital days
3 Pints of Blood
The first 3 pints of blood or equal amounts of packed red blood cells per calendar year, unless this blood is replaced.
Plan G covers all of the costs of 3 pints of blood per calendar year
Part B Excess Charges
Under federal law, doctors who don’t accept “assignment ” (take Medicare’s approved amount as payment in full) may charge up to 15% more than the approved amount. You might want to think about this benefit if your doctors don’t accept assignment. You may also want this benefit if you have to stay in the hospital and can’t control whether the doctors you see accept assignment.
Plan G covers 100% of the excess charges
Foreign Travel Emergency
If you travel outside the United States, this benefit could save you money for emergency care.
Plan G covers 80% (after a $250 deductible) to a lifetime maximum benefit of $50,000.
Skilled Nursing Coinsurance
Medicare pays for the first 20 days of a skilled nursing facility. If you need to go to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) after a hospital stay and stay in the SNF longer than 20 days, this benefit begins.
Plan G covers up to $137.50 per day for days 21-100.
Home Health Care
Home Health Care is skilled nursing care and certain other health care services you get in your home for the treatment of an illness or injury.
Plan G covers the 20% remainder not paid by Medicare Part B.

Plan G Rates

Plan G – Non-Tobacco Rates
Zip Codes 609-620, 622-629
Plan Age Male Female
G 65 $108.34 $93.93
66 $108.34 $93.93
67 $108.34 $93.93
68 $113.51 $98.41
69 $117.82 $102.13
70 $122.98 $106.62
71 $127.28 $110.35
72 $132.45 $114.82
73 $136.76 $118.55
74 $141.92 $123.03
75 $146.23 $126.77
76 $151.39 $131.25
77 $156.56 $135.72
78 $154.02 $133.53
79 $166.89 $144.68
80 $172.06 $149.16
81 $177.22 $153.64
82 $182.39 $158.12
83 $187.56 $162.60
84 $192.72 $167.07
85 $196.57 $170.41
Plan G – Tobacco Rates
Zip Codes 609-620, 622-629
Plan Age Male Female
G 65 $117.13 $101.54
66 $117.13 $101.54
67 $117.13 $101.54
68 $122.71 $106.39
69 $127.37 $110.41
70 $132.95 $115.26
71 $137.60 $119.29
72 $143.19 $124.13
73 $147.85 $128.17
74 $153.43 $133.00
75 $158.09 $137.05
76 $163.66 $141.89
77 $169.26 $146.72
78 $174.83 $151.57
79 $180.43 $156.41
80 $186.01 $161.25
81 $191.59 $166.10
82 $197.18 $170.94
83 $202.77 $175.78
84 $208.35 $180.62
85 $212.51 $184.23
Plan G – Non-Tobacco Rates
Zip Codes 600-608
Plan Age Male Female
G 65 $120.24 $104.23
66 $120.24 $104.23
67 $120.24 $104.23
68 $125.97 $109.21
69 $130.75 $113.34
70 $136.47 $118.32
71 $141.25 $122.46
72 $146.99 $127.42
73 $151.77 $131.57
74 $157.50 $136.53
75 $162.28 $140.68
76 $168.01 $145.66
77 $173.75 $150.62
78 $179.47 $155.59
79 $185.21 $160.56
80 $190.94 $165.53
81 $196.68 $170.51
82 $202.41 $175.47
83 $208.15 $108.45
84 $213.87 $185.41
85 $218.15 $189.12
Plan G – Tobacco Rates
Zip Codes 600-608
Plan Age Male Female
G 65 $129.98 $112.69
66 $129.98 $112.69
67 $129.98 $112.69
68 $136.18 $118.06
69 $141.35 $122.53
70 $147.54 $127.91
71 $152.71 $132.39
72 $158.90 $137.76
73 $164.07 $142.23
74 $170.27 $147.60
75 $175.44 $152.09
76 $181.63 $157.47
77 $187.83 $162.83
78 $194.02 $168.20
79 $200.23 $173.57
80 $206.42 $178.95
81 $212.62 $184.33
82 $218.82 $189.70
83 $225.03 $195.08
84 $231.21 $200.45
85 $235.84 $204.45



What do you do about drug, labs and dental when you have a plan G supplement?


I was wondering if my insurance covered cataract surgery


I switched from Plan F to Plan G. My cost dropped almost $80 a month. Silver Sneakers is a good program but you can get a senior gym membership in most places. But you have to ask. It's ok if it is an option but I do not want to be forced into paying more just to get it. It is not FREE.  And I guarantee that most seniors (same as the rest of the population) will have good intentions but eventually will not go.


I was told in error that Silver Sneakers was part of the Medicare Supplement Plan G.  Found out it's not and am very disappointed.  I would have gone with another company.  Will be changing when the year is up.


@darlene206 After researching this, I found that Insurance companies that offer Silver Sneakers charge the amount of a gym membership in their monthly or quarterly fee. I called the Rec Center where I live and was told that a Seniors Membership would cost $45.00 pr/mo. The exact amount the other Insurance Companies add to their fee, which makes their cost $45.00 more expensive that Mutual of Omaha. Check it out for yourself. 


Your rates are very reasonable but  not so if you consider our pool exercise rate is $260/yr!  I was telling people about U of O but no more unless you participate in' Silver Sneakers'.   Healthy lifestyle save money...........lots of money! We are now looking @ other companies for our Medicare Supp.

Please  consider all the comments being made.  I hope you're reading them.


Without "Silver Sneakers" I shall definitely be changing plans during open enrollment this year! We older folks need physical fitness plans to maintain our health, and it will save your company money in the long run! So, what's not to like about adding it to your plan's ASAP?


No silver sneakers means deal breaker for me.


Will be changing plans next year unless Mutual of Omaha decides to get on board with Silver Sneakers .


I am very disappointed to know that you don't have silver sneakers part of your plan. This is the first year I joint your plan and probably the last.


I am new to this plan, Silver Sneakers was included on previous plan. Exercise is preventative medicine. period 


I agree, Silver Sneakers is needed.


health clubs are a good thing - silver sneakers is needed


Please include Silver Sneakers in 2016. It is so important for those of us on Medicare............PREVENTION  of illness is much cheaper that treatment.   PLEASE!!


So many friends in other insurance plans are able to use Silver Sneakers.  VERY disappointed we cannot.  Might you ever consider adding this feature for us seniors?


trying to decide who to go with and silver sneakers is an important additions to my wellness should save money on better health and make me happier and healther


I visited the site only to find that many others have commented on my concern: Silver Sneakers. Exercise is good preventive medicine!


I am disappointed that you are not with Silver Sneakers.  I just lost my YMCA gym membership.  


WE NEED SILVER SNEAKERS, When will we be able to get it


Silver Sneakers could help to bring bp down for many seniors who need some sort of exercise in their life


We need to have Silver Sneaker added.  So many other offer this program.  Please join so exercise can be affordable  Thank you


Agree with the others, you need to add Silver Sneakers membership to your plans. 


I  agree, Silver Sneakers is great !  Please join! MyMut


Mutual of Omaha please get on board and become a Silver Sneaker participant and save money! Why aren't you are member ?


Pleas join the silver sneakers program MoOmaha