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How does the guarantee work?

In the unfortunate event your identity is misused while you are a LifeLock member, LifeLock will reimburse direct expenses you incur and pay professionals to resolve the problem for you – up to $1 million!

How does LifeLock secure my personal information?

LifeLock is ISO 27001 certified for data and operational security and follows industry best practices to secure and protect personal information. They conduct background checks on all of our employees, including regular random drug testing. All of their facilities are built with the latest biometric security access as well as state-of-the-art surveillance and alarm systems. No data is stored onsite. No computers anywhere outside of secure data centers have the member’s critical information on them.

Does LifeLock offer protection for my kids?

LifeLock now offers protection for kids under the age of 16 for only $25 per year, as long as at least one adult in the home is an annual member.

What is a Fraud Alert?

The purpose of a fraud alert is for creditors to confirm that the person using your name is actually you. With your fraud alerts in place, creditors, lenders, or other prospective users of your consumer report must take steps to verify your identity before they can:

  • Issue new credit
  • Increase credit lines
  • Arrange loans
  • Create new accounts for such things as utilities and cellular phones

After a fraud alert has been placed in your credit file, any creditor using that credit file to grant new credit or an extension of credit in your name should take reasonable steps to verify your identity and confirm the credit application is not the result of identity theft. This can be done by contacting you by phone, via the mail or by using other methods to verify the application is legitimate. Most of the time, when someone else is trying to use your identity to get credit, the fraud alert will stop them cold.

What’s the difference between a fraud alert and a credit freeze?

Certain states allow individuals to implement a security or identity “freeze” that completely locks, or freezes, access to your consumer credit report and credit score. With a credit freeze, a business will not issue new credit to anyone in your name – including you, unless you unlock your file. When you want to access your own credit, you will need to formally unlock access to the credit file. Certain fees may apply.

Once you become a member, LifeLock’s services begin before identity theft occurs. LifeLock places fraud alert requests at the three credit bureaus and automatically renews the requests every 90 days. It does not freeze your credit, rather; it safeguards your credit from unauthorized use.

How is LifeLock different from a credit monitoring system?

Many people compare us to credit monitoring services, like those provided by the credit bureaus. LifeLock is not like credit monitoring, they are the next generation. Which would you rather have, a lock on your door keeping the thieves out, or an alarm telling you after the thief has ripped you off? We think most people would prefer to keep the thief out in the first place. And that’s what LifeLock does. As our name states, they are the lock, and you hold the key.

Can I cancel at any time?

There is no long-term commitment with LifeLock. You can cancel at anytime, just call LifeLock anytime at 877 LIFELOCK (543-3562). If you have pre-paid, we will refund any unused amount.

When does LifeLock’s Total Service Guarantee take effect?

You are covered by our $1 Million Total Service Guarantee from the moment you enroll. If in the unfortunate event your identity is misused while you are a LifeLock member, LifeLock will reimburse direct expenses you incur and pay professionals to resolve the problem for you – up to $1 million!

Who calls me to let me know that someone is attempting to obtain credit in my name?

If someone is trying to use your personal information, you will be contacted by the creditor that is issuing the line of credit. If you receive a call and you are not the one applying for credit, the transaction should be stopped immediately.

Will LifeLock keep me from getting new credit?

The steps LifeLock takes to guarantee your good name shouldn’t keep you from getting credit. However, they may delay “instant” credit applications. They are available to help should this happen.

What do I do if my identity has been compromised?

If you think that your identity has been compromised call LifeLock immediately at 1-800-LIFELOCK, option 2. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Does LifeLock monitor my credit card transactions?

LifeLock does not monitor your credit card transactions. However, your credit card accounts would still be covered by our $1 Million Total Service Guarantee should your information be used fraudulently.

We do suggest that you write down all of the contact information for the cards that you carry in your wallet and keep them in a secure place. Then, if ever your wallet is stolen, just give LifeLock a call. With their free WalletLock service, they can help you contact the document issuing companies to cancel your stolen cards and reissue new ones.